Acusound Clinic

Dr. Li Zhai MD is a General Practice Physician serving the greater Seattle area with specialties in Primary Care, Diagnostic Ultrasound and Medical Acupuncture.


Doctors who practice the art, science and skill of medicine are problem solvers; they must understand that medical practice is a process of lifelong learning. 

Doctors and patients are partners who work together to achieve lifelong health and wellness.

The best thing to do is to stay healthy. The most cost-effective way to prevent illness is to detect it and to treat it as early as you can. 

I am a doctor equipped with current knowledge, skill, experience and updated technology. Let’s talk about well-being and you will experience the difference.

Practice style

Focus on individualized and patient-centered healthcare

Practice evidence-based medicine and patient-involved decision making

Emphasize preventive care, early diagnosis and illness management

Promote health and vitality through patient education

Utilize advanced technology for early detection

Apply modern medical concepts with effective alternative modality for the best care

Deliver highest-quality care and ethical customer service for all