Acusound Clinic

About Dr. Zhai


Dr. Li Zhai MD, MS, RDMS, RVT, graduated from BUCM, a top medical university in China which trains physicians in both Eastern and Western medicine.  She also received a master's degree from the Institute of Acupuncture at the China Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing.

Dr. Zhai's broad multi-disciplinary experiences over many years, both in China and the U.S., include internal medicine, acupuncture, diagnostic ultrasound, oncology, neurophysiology, nephrology, histochemistry and molecular biology.

Dr. Zhai has been trained and worked in the U.S. for more than 20 years in hospitals and clinics affiliated with University of Washington in Seattle and Wayne State University in Michigan. She has received numerous awards throughout her academic and clinical career for outstanding achievement and excellent patient care. 

Dr. Zhai is a member of SAR, AIUM and SDMS and published a number of research papers and presented her acupuncture studies at SAR’s international conference in North Carolina in 2010.

As a licensed physician, fellowship trained and board certified medical ultrasound specialist, Dr. Zhai is passionate in preventive care, diagnostic ultrasound, medical acupuncture, health screening and clinical consultation.

Dr. Zhai speaks English and Chinese. For clinical hours, appointment and directions, please call (425) 880-7879 or (206) 860-2912.