Acusound Clinic

Medical Acupuncture



  •  To promote wellness and to stimulate body's self-healing power
  •  To control and relieve PAIN caused by a variety of medical conditions
  •  To restore body function and boost health and vitality in a natural way 
  •  To balance body harmony and well-being, both physically and mentally

Acupuncture is generally effective to treat various symptoms and disorders in the following aspects: 

  •  Pain management without pills (acting as a natural pain killer)
  •  Respiratory symptom relief
  •  Cardiovascular function improvement
  •  Immune system regulation
  •  Endocrine function adjustment
  •  Gastrointestinal function restoration
  •  Mood balance and mental relaxation  
  •  Neuro-musculoskeletal function recovery


To find out if Acupuncture can be beneficial to your symptom or health condition, please call Dr. Zhai at (425) 880-7879 or (206) 860-2912.